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Greatings - Nihon no Kioku
Where your dreams of music come true
Hi there.

I'm the moderator of Nihon no Kioku kyoichi13. I'd like this community to be peacefull and fun.

I'll upload most of my mp3. You can take everything. A little comment would be welcome of course. And please don't hesitate to help and share.
The community is set so that I have to controle each post before they are accepted but as the community is new and I'm alone (almost) for now I won't be a bitch.

Rules (if need be) will come later. For now it'll be like that.

If you help, try to share full albums or maxi.

One more thing, english is not my native language so there might some mistakes here and there. I'll try to be as comprehensible as possible ^^

And yes, the community is friend only. I'm shy ^^"
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